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Tree Care

Proactive root pruning and structural pruning can make or break the quality of a tree, especially in an urban environment. However, restoration pruning, root collar excavation, and other options can help trees recover from bad pruning (like topping), root defects, and more.


Habitat Enhancement

Studies have shown that dead trees are often more valuable to wildlife than live trees. In most situations, we can leave a portion of the stem to serve as nesting habitat for important species rather than completely removing your tree.


Tree Removal

Has your tree been recommended for removal? Are you afraid a branch or the whole tree might fail? Call us for a second opinion. We can climb and inspect the entire tree closely and help you understand how much risk there is of failure and the options to reduce that risk.

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Ways We Care For Your Trees

Don't know what you Need? Don't Worry

We offer free estimates from our Certified Arborist for all of our services including a brief consultation regarding potential tree care options that will meet your objectives for your tree. For consultation lasting longer than 30 minutes, (large properties with lots of trees, in person pruning demo and instruction, etc) we charge $60/hr.

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