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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care encompasses 


Trunk Injections

Trunk Injections are a highly effective way to provide a specific treatment to a tree 


Soil and Root zone

Generally, trees don’t need to be fertilized. Occasionally, we’ll see symptoms of a nutrient deficiency in a tree that needs an extra boost. We always take a soil test to verify what nutrients the soil is lacking before prescribing a fertilizer tailored specifically to your trees. We inject this fertilizer as a liquid into the soil where the tree’s roots can access it immediately, which also reduces the likelihood of runoff.

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Don't know what you Need? Don't Worry

We offer on-site consultations with our Certified Arborist for all of our services. We currently charge a small fee which allows us to focus on educating you about your trees, rather than being a salesman selling you work. 

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