The Three “Frequent Fixes” of Trees

Here are some of the most common concerns our clients have that we can easily address with our scientifically-based tree care strategies:

  • Topped Trees. There are so many issues that topping a tree will create. Fast growing, poorly attached sprouts grow from topping cuts, which lead to unsafe trees. Topping is not a solution to reduce height or size of the tree. Our restoration pruning can achieve most of the same goals as topping, as well as restore good structure and an increased lifespan for the tree.
  • Girdling Roots. Trees from nurseries often are kept in pots for so long that their roots grow in circles around the trunk. Eventually, the roots effectively strangle the trunk and prevent water and nutrient flow, as well as weaken the root flare and often results in death of the tree. Root pruning is an effective way to remove girdling roots. 
  • Failing Branches. Several factors can lead to branch failure, including weak branch unions, overextended limbs, and improper pruning. Structural pruning (especially early in the tree’s life), cabling, and a regular pruning schedule can significantly reduce limb failure.

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